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Line 38 - RAVel

Line 38 – RAVel (réseau autonome de voies lentes)

Line 38 (40 km) is an old railway line across the Herve and connecting formerly Chênée (Liège) with Plombières. Away from the traffic, Line 38 provides security to its users whether on asphalt (from Vaux-sous-Chèvremont to Melen) or cinder (from Melen to Plombières). You will discover a region with a rich variety of landscapes, vegetation, buildings, witnesses of the past. Line 38 is integrated into the RAVel- network, it has become one of the most beautiful greenways of Belgium reserved for walkers, riders and bikers.

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Line 39

Line 39 is also an old railway line(about 9km), it is a pre-RAVel, and is fitted on the way from Montzen to Gemmenich through the center of Plombières. At Plombières Line 38 and Line 39 meet. Line 39 begins at the street Birken in Montzen goes to Moresnet and leads through to the mine site Plombières (under Moresnet viaduct via a branch can reach La Calamine). There, at the junction of Line 38, Line 39 goes to Gemmenich to where you can reach the site of Trois Bornes.