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Plombières, the municipality consists of six villages :Gemmenich, Hombourg, Montzen, Moresnet, Sippenaeken and Plombières and has a population of just over 10,000. Located on the borders of Belgium, located between Germany and the Netherlands, called the ‘Three borders country’, it covers 5,382 Ha. The origin of the town of Plombières meaning "Mountain of Lead" dates back to 1437. Nestled in a green setting along the ‘ Gueule’, pretty and capricious river, Plombières draws the attention of visitors with its mining site classified as nature reserve where natural and particular flora (the calamine pensy) almost unique in Europe has managed to develop and where the discovery of walls of ‘pellets foundry’, recall the last vestiges of mining (lead and zinc) completed around 1922. Contemplate its octagonal church roman-Byzantine style, small masterpiece of elegance, the interior striking in its clarity and enjoy its wonderful walks routes.
To discover :
* The mine site with its particular flora
* a variety of walks
* Route ‘Vallée of the Gueule '(Via Gulia)
* Ravel
(autonomous network of slow lanes)
And more by browsing the site