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Gemmenich already cited 888 is a small village in the municipality of Plombières near the site of the Three Borders (Trois Bornes), place of junction of three countries: Belgium, the Netherlands (highest point of the country 322.5 meters), Germany, represented by an octagonal boundary stone marked with the letters B, D and NL. From the top of the Tower you can experience breathtaking views of the three-border area. The village and its small shops, inviting you to discover beautiful walks, enchanting forest trails and tourist sites.

To discover :

  •  The three Borders
  •  Wooden altarpiece of the 12th century in the Saint-Hubert church
  •  Chapel ‘Notre-Dame’ Völkerich: small chapel dating from 1757 along the street Völkerich.
  •  Watermill Terbruggen: this water mill is the last remaining in the Belgian part of the ‘Gueule’  Valley on the road from Gemmenich to Sippenaeken. It was built between 1801 and 1803. The impeller (type Poncelet) is driven by the water of the reach fed by the river. It has 40 blades has a diameter of 5 m and a width of 1.20 m, power 9KW the inner machinery, 3 pairs of wheels, a lift bag ... Commercial exploitation was stopped in 1984.
  • the Burgundy pillar boundary : in the forest of ‘Preuss’ in the part called ‘Königswald’ (see walk ‘des Pélerins’) you find the Burgundian boundary pillar of 1615 that bears the emblem of the Golden Fleece and the lighter of Burgundy.  The Order of the Golden Fleece created under the patronage of St Andrew was founded by Philippe le Bon, duke of Burgundy. With other boundary pillars, they marked a limit to warn users of communal forests not enter the Royal Forest of Preuss.