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Three Borders

Three borders

The meeting point of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany (and also from 1830 to 1939 the ancient territory of Neutral Moresnet – today La Calamine), the three boundary stones found here are only symbolic and are situated in Dutch territory.

The real meeting point of the three countries is at boundary stone 193 (near the tower) marked with three letters B(Belgium), D(Germany), NL(Netherlands) and is the highest point of the Netherlands – 322.5 meters.

The 50 meters high tower Baudouin rises in this magical landscape. A glass-wall lift takes visitors in seconds to a panoramic plateau where they can marvel at the stunning view of a part of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. With stairs, visitors can also climb up to the roof terrace. The second tower, the Wilhelmina tower also offers beautiful landscapes.

The surrounding forest offer an impressive walking trails network where you can savor for hours fauna en flora.

Discover also the largest labyrinth in the Netherlands, enjoy the year-round free playground, or invite yourself to eat or to take a drink or simply enjoy on a terrace the moment and savor.

Baudoin tower : open from April to December every day from 11am to 18pm. January to March only on weekends. Closed in case of bad weather.

Route des Trois Bornes

     4851 Gemmenich