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The valley of the Gueule

The valley of the Gueule (230,84 ha)

The Gueule is a small river of 53 km which rises in a wood northeast of Hauset in the Eastern part of Belgium (between Köfpchen and Lichtenbusch) and ends at the mouth of the Meuse near Maastricht in the Netherlands. The river flows through La Calamine, Valkenburg and Plombières, through the mining site of Plombières where you will find a vegetation of metallophytes and pseudo-metallophytes that form the calamine lawns. The geological variety along the river explains the diversity of habitats and species present in the Gueule Valley. The peaks are usually covered with forests (beech and oak forests) so as the wood of Preuss, Beusdael,Hees and Schimper. This valley was incorporated into the Natura 2000 network (European Ecological Network).
The Gueulel Valley also offers beautiful hiking tagged (marked by signs with vertical lines of blue-white-blue).

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