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Maastricht is located some thirty kilometers from Plombières and is undoubtedly worth a visit. Nowhere else is history as palpable as it is here. Stroll through the streets that tell the story of Maastricht the Roman, the medieval pilgrimage town, the garrison town, the cradle of the Dutch industrial revolution, the fashion city par excellence. Discover the square "Het Vrijthof" with its Saint-Servais basilica, pose for the photo-souvenir in front of the Pont Saint-Servais where it is good to soak up the beauty of the place, cross the square " Markt "to admire the Town Hall and enjoy Wednesday and Friday a fantastic market. For lovers of art, push the door of the "Bonnefantenmuseum". Take time to discover the many facets of this city and let yourself be lulled by the atmosphere.

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