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Museum of the valley of the 'Gueule'

Museum of the valley of the ‘Gueule’ – La Calamine

musée vallée gueuleThe Museum presents, in a subtle form, the political and historical strangeness of the "Neutral Territory of Moresnet", the history of the zinc industry and the "Old Mountain", as well as a rich collection of minerals from the region . Photos show a rare and characteristic flora of a soil rich in zinc. The utopian transformation of the neutral territory into a "State of Esperanto", and regional folklore, are also presented.
Collectors can admire stamps and coins from the neutral territory of Moresnet, remained barely 17 days in circulation.
In addition, the Musée de la Gueule is the home of the tourist office of La Calamine.
Many exhibitions take place throughout the year.

Clic on this link to find the info of the museum (not available in english)


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